The value of a certificate is always measured by the degree of the public confidence in the certificating, accredited body. DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH emerged from one of the oldest and most experienced service providers of certification and assessment of management systems and processes in Germany, the DQS GmbH and enjoys an excellent reputation with the public, institutions and financial backer. Take advantage of our global reputation for your success. We provide internationally recognized certificates on the basis of accredited procedures. In addition, we have a particularly large and diversified norm competence.

With us you can certify your management system immediately according to several standards. These combined procedures do not only save time and money - in addition your management system becomes comprehensively audited and improved. For this, we put together teams with special expertise width. Since: Most of our auditors are approved for several branches and norms/standards. The high competence of our auditors also makes the combination of several kinds of audits possible: Thus, for example, you will be able to perform with the same people not only the certification audit but also a so-called pre-audit. So you receive explanation about the maturity level of your management system and recognize early potential gaps to the certification. With a pre-audit you pave way to a accurate, efficient and therefore cost-effective optimisation process.

A DQS certification audit is a particularly effective tool for the development of your management system. You will receive a more intensive knowledge and a deeper understanding of your organization and can selectively improve it. We have specialized in the certification of management systems and products of the Medical Device industry. Through our competence in this area, we are a reliable partner to you, also with complicated questions.