Complaints / appeals

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Process steps for processing:

We as certification authority / notified body are open for complaints (ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 chapter 4.7) and handle them responsible (ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 chapter 9.7.1 and 9.8.1).
The submission, investigation and decision of a complaint or appeal against the certification decision does not lead to a disadvantage of the complainant (ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 chapter 9.7.3 and chapter 9.8.2).
A complaint or appeal can be raised in German or English language, is electronically recorded, clearly marked and the course of processing is protocolled

Procedure steps for the processing (The procedure of a procedure applies equally for complaints and objections):

  1. Submit (Either use the subsequent form or send an e-mail to beschwerde(at) or contact your customer service representative).
  2. Your procedure is registered internally and identified with a clear procedure number. You will receive a confirmation of receipt with the procedure number, which you please include in the subject line of further communication always.
  3. The independence and neutrality are ensured by not involving employees in the decision-making process, which are involved in the procedure.
  4. The procedure and attached evidences will be analyzed and parties send their written statement and justifications. If necessary, further information is requested for the decision-making.
  5. After analysis, the decision for the further proceeding is made, including possible corrections and corrective actions as well as possible actions for improvement.
  6. Finally, you receive a message and the result of your procedure.

If you have further detailed questions on the procedure, we kindly ask you to ask within the scope of the processing of your procedure.

Complaints / appeals

Complaints / appeals
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